Hapkizen is developed by GM Han after decades of training and teaching hapkido. From his vast knowlegde around hapkido GM Han had for many years also studied in traditional korean “ki” traning. GM Han managed to combine the two, hapkido and Ki-training into a new system he called “Hapki-zen”.

Below are a few movements linked showing the basics of hapki-zen. The movements are twisting and being twisted.  You can train hapki-zen with- or without a partner. With a partner you can interact, then you realize that your body and mind are united with the universe by understanding knowledge and the stretching of yoga. Also, at that moment, you convey your universal energy onto your partner so that both of you share health and peace, thus becoming a true human that co-exists with nature.

Hapki-zen training could be performed anywhere, anytime and with anybody.


Hapki-Zen 12 Basic Techniques